Noises from the nursery

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Here I am at another witching hour in the nursery, rocking a cradle with each foot. Natalie seems to be doing much better today, but both girls are a little restless. They’re making funny noises as they settle in to sleep.

This is the pretty, pretty nursery Dan and I made for them.

Walls: Martha Stewart Lagoon

Furniture: IKEA and La-Z-Boy

Quilts: mom

Curtains: me

Monograms and fox artwork: Etsy

Listening to them on our monitor has been a lesson in our girls’ many distinctions. We don’t have video, so Dan and I are learning their cries, who is who and what they want. 

The easiest one is what I personally call the Five Alarm Rose, in which Rosemary alerts us (and the neighbors) to the fact that her pacifier has left her mouth. It is loud and frantic and choppy – WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH!

Rosemary’s hungry cry showcases her dramatic tendencies. It starts with little sniffles and puffs and crescendoes quickly into long, drawn-out wails.

Natalie was a squeaker when she was tiny, and as she’s grown she has become a squawker. She doesn’t care for the pacifier so much, so when she cries from the nursery it’s usually because she’s hungry or lonely. Her cries are sharper and harsher, and sometimes she just lets out a big MAAAH!!! right as she’s falling asleep. We’ve learned that when this one comes across the monitor, there’s no response required. A series of squawks means she wants to be rocked.

They can both get pretty loud on their own; in stereo, it’s kind of ridiculous and sometimes I just laugh at how discordant and awful it sounds. But it’s funny how they can ignore each other and sleep right through the other’s worst howling. If they hadn’t given me written proof that they passed the hearing tests at the hospital, I’d seriously wonder if they were deaf sometimes. I can walk in here and see Rose screaming her face off and Natalie is just snoozing away, not five feet from her. What?

Today though, a funny thing happened. It’s the whole reason I’m writing this post about the noises my babies make. The girls aren’t very aware of each other yet – the mystic twin bond has yet to make itself obvious to us – but this afternoon I think Rosemary talked to Natalie.

Natalie was fussing and snuffling in her cradle, getting louder and louder. I walked back to check on her and as I came into the room, Rosemary opened her mouth and let out a big squawk. She kept her eyes shut and went promptly back to sleep. It’s like she was telling her sister “Natalie, shut UP!”

Natalie’s eyes clamped shut and she closed her mouth. I didn’t even need to rock her.

Right on, Rosemary. I’ll let you handle it next time.